Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drum roll please

Finally, I found a name for my library - let me introduce to you: DSharp

Actually I was pretty surprised that this name was not taken by some programming language or something similar - at least nothing popped up on the first pages of Google results.

The D stands for Delphi of course. And the Sharp is some indicator for its borrowed features from the .Net framework. Also it's short and memorable, don't you think?

I also restructured the svn repository and renamed the units. I am sure everything went fine and you can just update your working repository with the newest revision. Otherwise just get a clean checkout.


  1. Hi Stefan,

    congrats to this name. It's a brilliant mix and a nice pun ;-) Still working on my own as you know.

  2. The name change breaks compilation for the DSharp.Linq.* units.

  3. I forgot them because I am not working on that part at the moment and they are not part of any project in the repository. But I fixed them