Thursday, September 3, 2020

TestInsight released

A new version of TestInsight is available for Delphi 10.1 and higher including the just released Delphi 10.4.1 - older Delphi versions can still use version

Download for (10.1 or higher) or (XE to 10.0)
Download for

It contains mostly bugfixes (some had already been fixed in
  • div by zero exception when trying to discover tests on DUnitX
  • truncated duration column for larger numbers: the format of the duration has been improved and you can resize the column now
  • an AV could occur in certain situations when closing the IDE with a docked TestInsight window
  • clipboard shortcuts did not work in the filter edit
  • vertical scrollbar did not have the correct size
But also some nice improvements:
  • run test at the cursor from the interface section of the unit now works (not for individual testcase attributes yet though, it executes all for that particular method) - you have to be in the line of the method declaration
  • navigating from a test result to its implementation now works if the method is implemented by a parent class


  1. Thank you Stefan!

    Unfortunately, after installing the new version 1.1.9 and starting my RAD Studio 10.4.0 I get the error:
    The procedure entry point "@Deskform@TDesktopForm@AdjustLastLoadedBounds$qqrv" was not found in the DLL "C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Programs\TestInsight\TestInsight10Sydney.dll".

    Could you please take a look into it?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Please update to 10.4.1 or stay on the older TestInsight version - I always use the latest Delphi version to compile my plugins and currently have no intentions to also install the .0 version on another machine in order to produce a compatible one.

    2. Thank you Stefan for your fast response!

      I can confirm that this issue does not occur with RAD Studio 10.4.1.

  2. Stefan, hate to say this but gets the same error with the latest 10.4 patch #3.

    1. And this won't change until you update to 10.4.1

    2. That moment when you realize you think you installed the latest version and mistook a release number for a patch. %) In my defence, the IDE did tell me that I was up to date! Sorted now, thanks.
      Maybe one day you can visit Aust to ADUG and enlighten the locals on Spring4D, DSharp and tips on how to install Delphi ;-)

    3. It would be a pleasure - coming to the ADUG symposium is on my wishlist for quite some time :)

  3. Link is not working anymore for 10.1 + versions.