Wednesday, April 28, 2021

TestInsight 1.2 released

Finally! Thanks to Wagner Landgraf who implemented this feature you can now enjoy the hierarchical view of your unit tests just like you know it from the good ol' DUnit GUI.

Here is how it looks in TestInsight in the "by fixtures" view - remember you can toggle between the "by type" view and this one at any time just by clicking that notepad icon.

Not only does it look nicer than the old DUnit GUI, but it also executes the tests way faster and allows you to directly navigate to the source of any of your tests with a simple double click on them, now even if you inherited that test from a base class - you will always end up in the correct method. And all that directly from within the IDE as you know it.

Wagner also implemented support for running DUnit tests with TestInsight on pas2js - I wonder why that might be... ­čśĆ

We also improved the way tests are selected when a DUnit project runs - it now simply iterates the entire tree of tests and marks those that you selected in the IDE to then just let them run instead of relying on the ShouldRun method from the listener interface which also made it possible to properly use test decorators without them being run even if there were no tests selected for them.

The new view is not only supported for DUnit though but also for DUnitX and DUnit2.

By the way - please remember: the "fast forward" icon has two functions. When no tests are selected it runs a "discover" which means doing a quick project run but just collect which tests are there without executing them. If any tests have a checkbox, then it executes just those but still collects all other tests inside the project. And via the context menu, you can quickly run the currently focused test or the entire branch without changing any checkboxes.

TestInsight supports any Delphi version from XE and newer - always the latest update on each major version.
You can download the setup here.

Thanks again Wagner - was a pleasure to work with you on this release.


  1. My pleasure, Stefan! Congratulations on this fantastic tool.

  2. Hello Stefan,
    Thanks for all your good work! I use DUnit and have made some extensions which I cannot see in TestInsight. Would it be possible to get the SourceCode?

    1. You already have the source code for the TestInsight client containing the DUnit integration. It's installed under %localappdata%\Programs\TestInsight\Source by default. You'll also find it in your library path.

  3. I actually meant the Source Code for the Server Side, thus to generate the DLL

    1. I am not publishing that code - if you found a bug or have a feature request - please report it at

  4. Drag the splitter left of the duration colum to the right to make the Name column wider - that's a known glitch that should be fixed in the latest version.

  5. Thank you, it worked just fine!